For the past 3 years, the entirety of the coverage (msm) has focused on the TRUMP RUSSIA “investigation”, presuming something was legitimate, and something would come of it.

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For the past 3 years, the entirety of the coverage (msm) has focused on the TRUMP RUSSIA “investigation”, presuming something was legitimate, and something would come of it.

Most all of focus was on Trump and his team, looking for any crimes to process. our crew on the right, and some of the right leaning outlets did reporting on the OTHER side… but 90 percent of the rest of the country BURIED right-leaning research, even from committees, as “attempts to delegitimize the MUELLER probe”, and were not even COVERED. they were roundly ridiculed. nunes was professionally attacked. as were others to lesser degree.

My point is, this tsunami of coverage on the INVESTIGATION, that treated EVERY attempt to report on INVESTIGATORS as a ‘conspiracy to protect’ trump. Every aspect. The nunes memo. Grassley referrals, all of it, was painted partisan.

It was so successful that even YOU don’t believe in a SPYgate… even you are still focused on RUSSIA. even after mueller has told us there’s “nothing there”… even after we knew strzok was afraid to take the mueller job bc two years ago he already knew “there’s no there there”…

That’s how successful the media campaign has been.

But that all changes now.

Re-framing the Debate

Now for the first time, as carter says “the investigation really starts now”… bc now even mid range reporters and outlets will need to make sense of SOMETHING… and turning inward on the investigators is the only thing left now, with NO PILLARS of support to prevent this form coming.

It’s already happening.

And i’m just saying… this is going to be a good time. the best time. to really start pushing stuff. people shouldn’t be “confused” and “infighting” bc they’re “waiting” on shit… I see it completely different, tbh

That’s the whole point… SPYGATE…. you’re like “its really russia”… no… Russia was a fucking lie… part of the DOssier product… to initiate the SPYGATE… but we had to wait 3yrs for Mueller to clear the cloud before we could FRAME/TALK about it this way. So get it straight and start spreading the word.

That’s going to be another major point to this unravelling…”no scandals obama”….

They tried to paint and frame trump w a RUSSIAGATE scandal, owned by Trump… when in reality that was just a pillar of Obama’s SPYGATE…. Mueller just cleared that LEGACY OFF OF TRUMP… and it’s about to be hoisted ONTO OBAMA… see what I mean?

This is going to become the utmost crux of the LEGACY WARS between Obama and Trump. Trump’s goal is to … everyone thought it was to “erase” everything Obama had done… its more… he’s going to tie SPYGATE to “no scandals” Obama and put his legacy down as WORSE THAN NIXON.

While he emerges like a fucking Phoenix from the ashes.

That’s why I started this off… with WHAT IS SPYGATE? We need to be able to tell this story… from any angle. No matter how any person answers that question.

99 percent of content written on Spygate is about Comey side… The perpetrator side. Do we think Trump survived this by blind luck? The direction we’re heading (4d, this cox article)… Suggests master planning….ee already have two instances right there worth DEVELOPING into an investigative thread.

And do the lures, unmaskings, and nsc letters not constitute spying?

Does accepting a direct pipeline of unvetted oppo research from the main political opponent of a presidential candidate as ‘intelligence’ to be placed in a FISA not constitute ‘spying’?

Anyway… this is kind of the point of my questioning…

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