2017 V2?

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Philanthropy in the Making

Today AG Barr testified before the Senate for his second day in a row. During his questioning, Barr unleashed a firestorm on social media after saying that he thinks spying on the Trump campaign had occurred. He followed up with that he needs to explore if the spying was adequately predicated. From early 2017 and the disclosure that has stemmed from it, #SpyGate was born and this was a direct confirmation that perhaps the ball is finally starting to roll in the right direction. Pun intended.

From a personal standpoint, I am not putting too much weight into the events of today. By saying think and explore, it means that Barr hasn’t fully concluded as of yet if there was any spying that was not predicated. For something that has been going on for two years, you would have hoped that we had more answers by now on whether or…

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