Colored Rectangles Arranged in Such and Such a Way with Associated Textual Data Intermingled

And some drug-induced subjective observations for entertainment purposes only…

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  1. surreptitiously acquired, non-public signals data is systemic to construction of Steele’s memos and themes, not unique to AlfaBank;
  1. text-data of private email conversations between Trump’s associates form the basis for specific claims, themes, actors, and timing of dossier memos;
  1. email conversations of Trump associates are reflected in all four memos relied on by FBI for probable cause in the Carter Page FISA applications;
  1. these non-public emails are known because they were ceremoniously revealed with great fanfare in rolling Russiagate-era media exposes, typically deployed by Glenn Simpson’s friend Tom Hamburger of the Washington Post;.
  1. construction of Key (FISA) memos follows a repeatable and observable 4-part parallel-construction chronology: D.O.M.E.: 1) emails/signals DATA, 2) OUTREACH to alleged, plausible subsources, 3) MEMO mirroring data, 4) EXPOSURE of emails/signals in friendly media;
  1. Igor Danchenko is engaged as a witting agent in a parallel construction scheme, providing false-testimony to obscure dossier sources with poor provenance, such as non-public emails, other signals intelligence (Alfa), and human intelligence (Dolan) in an ongoing, 5 year-long conspiracy;
  1. Danchenko’s alleged sourcing-actions, or outreach to purported subsources for Key memos, always occur within a tight band: alleged outreach attempts are always and exactly AFTER Key emails have been generated, and BEFORE authorship of associated memo;
  1. the themes and content of Danchenko’s alleged sourcing is also highly correlated to the specific actions described by specific authors within their own intercepted emails. 
  1. since all of Danchenko’s alleged HUMINT sourcing actions were debunked by both sworn affidavits and temporal impossibilities, the only possibilities that account for the information existing in memos is pure, fictionalized embellishment, or some alternative form of sourcing.
  1. since Danchenko’s testimony and respective memos remain correlated to, yet temporally downstream of, known, intercepted email-chains of Trump’s associates, Occam’s Razor suggest interception of emails by Dossier authors, as opposed to Danchenko’s “capability” for precognitive visions, as explanation for correlations.

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