Enter the Dragon

Examining the Dragon FISA, it’s implications, and it’s deafening absence from Horowitz report or DOJ’s response to Bipartisan demand for Spygate warrants.


he foreign mercenary Christopher Steele was interviewed by the FBI in “early October” of 2016 and he slandered Sergei Millian (PERSON-1) as a key sub-source who Steele said was in direct contact with his primary “collector” (Primary Sub-source, PSS).

However, in addition to claiming Sergei to be a key, unwitting sub-source to FBI investigators, Steele, his employer Glenn Simpson, and his employer Michael Sussman were in the weeks before and after the meeting also frantically pitching Millian as a key operating intermediary in the Russia related Alfa Bank scandal through contacts in both the DOJ and State Department. To wit:

  • On August 22, Glenn Simpson provided Bruce Ohr with the names of three individuals who Simpson thought were potential intermediaries between Russia and the Trump campaign. One of the three names provided by Simpson was Sergei Millian. Another of the names was Carter Page’s “business partner”. h274
  • On September 14, Christopher Steele wrote in Report 112, that Alfa Bank had close ties to Putin, including blackmail. The article set the atmospherics for the portending Alfa Bank Attack. h119
  • On September 19, Michael Sussmann, a partner in the Perkins Coie law firm and cyber-technology expert and former Justice Department attorney, pitched the Alfa server connection directly to FBI’s James Baker, the former FBI general counsel and close adviser to fired FBI Director James B. Comey.* Sussmann was also the lawyer who spearheaded the handling of the alleged hack of the DNC servers.
  • On September 23, Christopher Steele alleged to Bruce Ohr that an Alfa Bank server in the United States was a link between Russia and the Trump campaign; that Millian’s Russian/American organization in the United States had used the Alfa Bank server earlier in September; and that an individual working with Carter Page was a Russian intelligence officer. h274
  • Also sometime in “late September”, Eric Lichtblau of the New York Times met with Crossfire agents at Bureau’s headquarters who had learned he was in the process of writing a story on the Alfa bank allegations. The FBI asked Lichtbblau to delay publishing a story in the interest of the investigation, and from him they obtained compliance. *
  • On October 3rd, Christopher Steele is interviewed by FBI agents in Rome. He names Sergei Millian as a key sub-source responsible for the most shocking and vivid claims in the Dossier. It is never mentioned whether Steele relays any information to the FBI about Alfa Bank, or whether FBI asked about it.
  • Days after meeting with the FBI in early October, Steele relayed the Milian/Alfa Bank allegations to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kalavec at the State Department on October 11th. h117
  • On October 13th, two days after the meeting with Steele, Kavalec emailed an FBI CD Section Chief a document that Kavalec received from Jonathan Winer, long time friend of Steele, buttressing the allegations about a linkage between Alfa Bank and the Trump campaign. The Section Chief forwarded the document to SSA 1 the same day. h119

Thus, at the same time that the Carter Page FISA was being finalized, Christopher Steele and Glenn Simpson were alleging that the main sub-source of Steele’s Dossier, Sergei Millian, was also acting as a key intermediary in a concurrent, active subplot with Russia. In fact, after the Trump Campaign jettisoned both Paul Manafort and Carter Page by late September, the specific updated narrative being pitched by Fusion GPS was that Michael Cohen and Sergei Millian had stepped up and “replaced” them as key intermediaries linking Trump to Russia. h282

The Alfa-Bank allegations were being received into FBI by no less than 4 different outlets, and likely a critical 5th:

  1. Michael Sussman -> James Baker
  2. Glenn Simpson -> Bruce Ohr
  3. Eric Litchbau -> Crossfire Team
  4. Steele Memo 112 -> David Corn -> James Baker
  5. Christopher Steele -> Early October interview?

It is within the context of this overwhelming, behind the scenes, concerted campaign by Steele, Simpson, and Sussman, that the Dragon FISA emails must be re-examined…


Image result for o

n October 18th, five days after receiving the Alfa Bank documents from the State Department, and two days before submitting the Carter Page FISA application to the FISC, the FBI’s elite Crossfire Hurricane team was simultaneously requesting expedited authority for a second FISA relating to another Russia-related investigation code-named “Dragon.”*

The email correspondence, reviewed and initially reported by John Solmon on July 6 of 2018, was confirmed the following week during Lisa Page’s closed door testimony.* Under questioning by Sean Brebbia, Lisa acknowledges the email sent October 18 between her and Peter Strzok. Lisa takes time to read the email before declining to answer any questions regarding the content in an unclassified setting. 

The fact Lisa acknowledges the email and its classified nature lends credence to Solomon’s initial report, and that the content of the email is FISA related. Solomon has seen the content of the emails, enough to summarize and report that they are discussing “approval for another FISA” for “another Russia-related investigation”. Solomon defines Dragon as separate from the four known targets investigated under the enterprise investigation code named Crossfire Hurricane.

It should be stressed that although the Dragon investigation is described as “another” Russia-related investigation, that does not logically preclude this second FISA request from being still directly “related” to Crossfire Hurricane. In fact, it would be hard to imagine how a “Russia-related” investigation in the month preceding the 2016 election was not related to Crossfire. It would also be hard to imagine how reporters and Oversight Committee members who have read the contents would be reporting and questioning on the document out of proper context some 2 years later. 

Another” Investigation

According to the OIG Horowit Report, around the same time of Steele’s interview, in early October of 2016, the FBI opened up a counterintelligence investigation on Sergei Millian. h164 

Additionally, the FBI also investigated whether there were cyber links between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, and had concluded by early February 2017 that there were no such links. h119

But what investigative steps were taken between the initiation of allegations and their resolution in February? And was the investigation into Millian the same investigation into Alfa Bank? And was the Dragon FISA that was being discussed in the same time-frame, a part of the investigation into Sergei Millian or Alfa Bank, or neither, or both? 

By the time of the early October interview with Steele, the FBI was in possession of information that made Sergei Millian a FISA target that was arguably three times stronger than that of Carter Page.  

  • 1) Millian was concurrently being alleged by both Steele and Simpson as an Alfa bank connection working in tandem with Michael Cohen as “replacements” for recently fired Carter Page and Paul Manafort. h282 The need to investigate Sergei was more immediate and had allegedly superseded Page.
  • 2) Millian was known by the FBI to be in “sustained contact” with George Papadopulos, the Crossfire Hurricane’s investigative “Predicate”, since August 2016. h132 In fact, in those same contacts, Sergei was making financial overtures much more direct and documented than anything Carter was “known” to have received. m95
  • 3) Millian as the purported Source D/E of Steele Dossier was responsible for “the most descriptive information in the FISA application of alleged coordination between Page and Russia” h163 spanning 4 separate memos over the course of 3 months.  h243

For reasons 1 & 2, FBI already had arguably more reason to FISA Sergei Millian than Carter Page, and the corroboration of the Dossier is just extra incentive. 

Are there additional reasons to suspect that a reputed “Dragon FISA” may be directly related to Sergei Millian?


In Chinese culture, choosing an auspicious name for a new member of the family is an ancient art. The name not only determines one’s fate and future, but also affects the happiness of the entire family and surrounding community. A name is chosen to harmonize various factors such as metaphorical meaning of the name, visual aesthetic of the characters, combined with consideration of time and place of birth and other esoteric elements of Chinese culture like principles of yin-yang. 

Due to these delicacies, westerners seeking to translate their given names into Chinese often seek the advice of a native Chinese speaker to guide them through this process.

In mid 2014 Sergei Millian sought out the wisdom of master calligrapher Johnny Lu, a world renowned artist who has done work for President Barack Obama, the United Nations, and other charitable causes.

According to legend, the sinology professor meditated on the issue for a month, and then produced Sergei’s Chinese name by hand:

赛 天 龙 = Sài Tiàn Long

Sergei has been using this name for official business in China ever since. Several examples can be found in print and digital media.

An Auspicious Fate

Chinese names are structured differently from names in English. Family name comes first, and are only one syllable long. Given names – what we usually call first names – are either one or two characters long.

“xìng” (surname) + “míng” (given name) = “xìngmíng” (full name)

Sergei’s surname Millian is translated to Sài (赛), which means: competition; match; game; or contest. The character is suggestive of a competitive and successful nature in business and life. It is also suggestive of a spirit of gamesmanship and ability to rise to the challenge, or contest.

Tiān (天) is one of the oldest Chinese terms for heaven and a key concept in Chinese mythology, philosophy, and religion. The etymology is linked to the Mongolian word tengri meaning “sky, heaven, heavenly deity”. The modern Chinese character (天) combine dà (大) “great; large” and yī (一) “one, “

Long (龙), the Dragon, traditionally symbolizes potent and auspicious powers, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it in East Asian culture. During the days of Imperial China, the Emperor of China usually used the dragon as a symbol of his imperial strength and power. In Chinese culture, excellent and outstanding people are compared to a dragon, while incapable people with no achievements are compared to other, disesteemed creatures, such as a worm.

In the vision painted by Mater Johnny Lu, we see HEAVEN/GOD juxtaposed above or atop a flowing DRAGON, and coming before a large COMPETITION/MATCH

And Sergei’s official Chinese name, given in 2014, is the literal Google-translation of the CODE NAME discussed in the October 18, 2016 email by Crossfire FBI team members Lisa Page and Peter Srzok:

Dance of the Vanishing Dragon

Robert Mueller did not address the Alfa bank cyber-traffic whatsoever in his report, leaving some Democrats wondering about lingering conspiracies: “Even in the wake of the Mueller report, we don’t know the meaning of the 2016 communications between Alfa Bank and Trump Organization servers, nor do we even know whether the FBI has fully investigated those links,” opined Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, shortly after the report’s release.*

In reality, the FBI had already investigated whether there were cyber links between the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank, and had concluded by early February 2017 that there were no such links. h119

Similarly the Mueller report alleged the Special Counsel’s Office was “not fully able to explore the contact” between Millian and Papadopoluos because Millian “remained out of the country since the inception of our investigation and declined to meet with members of the Office.”

In reality, Millian had been “explored” by the FBI’s Crossfire team since at least “early October” of 2016. h164 Any travel by Millian outside of the United States was achieved with the full blessing of the Crossfire team who’s investigation was absorbed by the Special Counsel’s Office.

Unfortunately, Inspector Horowitz continues this theme with in his FISA Report. Within, he treats Millian, the 5th investigated target by Small Team, differently from the Original Fab 4 targets in the so-called “other” Russia-related investigation, Crossfire. Within Horowitz’s report we have the most obfuscation surrounding Sergei, while at the same time it is detailed that he is the MOST likely justified target of FBI counterintelligence concern (above & beyond Carter Page).

Reflect on the richness of detail Horowitz was able to bring regarding how the sausage was put together for the Carter Page FISA. Now, conversely, meditate on everything we are thus DENIED from knowing about Person-1, who is now the MOST CRITICAL PERSON IN SPYGATE. All by stroke of bureaucratic pen, Millian and everything known about him, done to him, and assessed about him, are now siloed off and denied to us.

On what basis does Person-1 remain set apart from Fab Four? He is absolutely not just related but integral to the Crossfire investigation. The singular difference is that he was targeted and brought into the investigation ORGANICALLY at a later date. On what authority does anyone from Strzok up to Horowitz get to decide that Person-1 is not under the Crossfire umbrella and/or within scope of Horowitz Report?

A list of the gems we are denied:

  1. We are never told his name. This somewhat of a comic absurdity considering the ridiculously light masking, and the fact that Millian communicates with the public regularly on these very topics.
  2. No name trace information is given. Given that it is stated Sergei has a “prior relationship” with FBI and also given that after Carter Page, we know that such phrases don’t always have a negative connotation, it is absolutely germane to know what type of response a name trace action would yield on Sergei Millian. As was with Carter Page, every day that the ambiguity is left to fester, the associated name is left to rot in slander.
  3. No info about investigative techniques is given. This point is encompassed by 2 and 4. However additional questions that Horowitz could have and should have explored exist such as: why did Small Team never attempt whatsoever to interview Millian, whom was essentially the linchpin for the entire Carter Page FISA, per Steele’s PSS.
  4. No comment regarding “additional FISA’s” as with the Fab Four targets. Horowitz was able to confirm/deny rumors of additional FISA activity with respect to Manafort, Papadopulos, and Flynn. Due to the discretionary “otherness” of how Horowitz treats Millian, we are completely denied answers on the existence of a Dragon FISA.
  5. No comment what the “other” investigation into Millian was for. This one seems a particular slap in the face tantamount to cover up. After Horowitz details the centrality of Millian vis a vis 1) multiple allegations regarding Alfa Bank connections and “replacement” for Carter Page, 2) “sustained contact” with investigative “predicate” Papadopulos, 3) as Source D/E of Steele Dossier he was responsible for “the most descriptive information in the Page FISA”… We are then denied ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER on what was done by the FBI about it, because this, allegedly, is considered “another Russia investigation”.


An approved FISA on Millian means the FBI would have real-time capability to confirm the PSS story nearly as it was being told. Moreover, FBI would have been able to begin repudiating Steele’s version of events and/or Dossier claims immediately upon approval of a Dragon FISA.

Larger questions loom. For example, did FBI keep Dragon FISA assessments and findings compartmentalized from Carter Page’s Crossfire Hurricane FISA, or where they intermingled? Horowitz certainly seems to treat all aspects concerning Sergei Millian wholly different from the Original Four targets in Crossfire. Why? And by what authority if the end result is a wholesale obfuscation of central truths?

Even worse questions persist. Is Dragon FISA NOT GERMANE TO bipartisan request made by Nunes and Schiff back in March of 2017 for “any and all applications, warrants, wiretaps into Trump and any of his associates”? Dossier lists both sources D/E as “close associates of Trump”. If FBI is “assessing” Person-1 based on Steele’s representations and those within his Dossier, then he is being described repeatedly as a close associate. Does Devin Nunes not know about a Dragon FISA? Why would a FISA on Carter Page be scandalous while a concurrent one on Sergei Millian be completely immune from scrutiny?

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  1. I can’t read your article or thread, as it will mess my feeble mind up. Louise Mensch (I’ve had DM’s with her). SHE was the first to report on Alfa Bank and a FISA and SHE was the first to mention “dragon” …. I know more than you think, but in a different way. You know where to find me. I post clues. Thanks.

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  2. Sorry to bug you – reading a tiny bit of Cody. Not really following everything, but I remember reading this a while back and tweeting about it with Sergei. His father says he’s been in the U.S. since 2001 and other things (i.e., that Sergei asked for the U.S. to protect him???). I don’t really know anything, but just not seeing anyone mention anything in this article?

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  3. Hi. Just wanted you to know that I’ve been thinking about you (miss your tweets) and hope everything is okay with whatever you’re dealing with (none of my business). I’m not the “mushy” type, but wanted you to know that you are thought of and missed. Sergei is innocent and I’m still pissed at people like ThunderB that went psycho trying to frame him – she’ll never apologize – I hate what some “experts” on “our side” do. Anyways, if you get this …. hoping that you’ll be back soon.

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  4. Monsieur – you will not understand this (but maybe you will). I have no voice – 2 twit accts suspended, but I was okay with that (actually purposely got the 2nd one suspended so I could READ everything, as too many people blocked me before – Nick Weil knows – long, very long story). Anywho, GAB has made changes and now no one can access their site – I warned them. Gab was my connection to Nick for my rants. Again, this is a long story, but short version, I got into fights with Andrew Torba on Gab – his fault. Torba said months ago (a lie) that Gab was exactly like Twit – we fought over that. Torba is now working to make Gab just like Twit.

    I still have access to Twit via my last suspended account (using some computer download to keep the old “legacy” format). Twit is ending that capability June 1st. I’m not tech savvy, at all – have never had a smartphone or used any apps, so I see things a bit differently. Gab’s changes now include a “Cloudflare” thingy (which does NOT work) asking for your e-mail and they will e-mail you a “code” – does NOT work, so essentially no one can access Gab for the last week (scant tweets, but they are there). So, I just signed up with Reddit – Ugh, which is even more confusing than Gab although seems to be connected to Gab – it will take me months to figure that shit out.

    Bottom line, if you go back on Twit, can you send Nick a DM and tell him that Kathryn is still reading everything, but my tongue has basically been cut off (I believe there was a Stephen King movie/tv series decades ago where that happened). I’m left screaming at the sky, so to speak. Love all of you and yes, I know this makes no sense, but Nick will get it. Bad stuff happening to kill voices on the internet. Ugh.


  5. I’ve never forgotten you …. saw that you tweeted that you had some problem (none of my business). The weird thing is, just out of the blue, I decided to look on Twit for you this morning and saw that earlier this morning you tweeted! Welcome back. I tried to take a screenshot from my “history” to show you, but WordPress won’t let me include anything. Anyways, got goosebumps about it. I have the screenshot from my history showing that I looked you up this morning, but WordPress won’t let me include it. Just kinda weird and thrilled that you’re back. Kiss some ass!

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  6. Hi. I’ll try to make this short, as it’s a bit complicated. Sundance’s article is incorrect (in a lot of ways). I was “frenemies” with Bradley Moss for a few months on Twit. Bradley schooled me about Carter Page’s FISAs being released, as I had stated it was Judicial Watch. According to Bradley, it was him (and Zaid) at the madison project that got Carter’s FISA’s released via FOIA. NOT Judicial Watch or the NYT. @bardmossesq has a LOT of tweets about Carter’s FISA’s. Bradley also confirmed to me that it was the first time in history that any FISA has ever been released via FOIA – people don’t get the significance of that. I was attacked by people (like Robyn Gritz @vabelle2010 who said that FISAs are used in lawsuits all the time – two different things Robyn). Anywho, you can look …. here’s an example of a tweet you can find proving Sundance is full of crap:

    From a tweet by Bradley Moss on July 22, 2018:

    “I spent 15 months working to get these documents released. We filed our lawsuit nearly a year before Judicial Watch. We were the ones who first got the Glomar response withdrawn.

    And then he tweets this nonsense.”

    Monsieur, there’s actually a TON of info tweeted by Moss …. letters he wrote to Trump, etc., about Carter Page, etc. Sundance’s theory is bs. It’s really quite telling if you just search Bradley Moss’ tweets with certain key words.


  7. Monsieur – OMG – I’m really getting pissed. Mark Bradman aka Sundance is in a twitter fight with Shipwrecked again. I have no voice. Bradman is WRONG – I’ve posted numerous times on his CTH site.

    It was Bradley Moss & Mark Zaid that got the 4 Carter Page FISAs released via FOIA, not the New York Time or Judicial Watch – Bradley confirmed this with me and he and I were “frenemies” for many months on Twitter. Bradman keeps LYING about this. Bradley told me that he filed a FOIA request based on the Nunes Memo …. there are tweets about it by Moss. Sundance keeps basing his crap theories on the NYT getting the FOIA release, based on the Wolfe / Ali Watkins garbage (which he’s wrong about – I worked with JoeStradamus91 behind the scenes for months on that – those 4 FISAs – I can’t explain).

    I’m just pissed. I repeat, Rosie Memos is one of Sundance’s “misfits” – so is that freak Tim Null (he’s had multiple accounts – his most current one is @MuseScry on Twitter – these people are sick and vile – I want them exposed. I researched Mark Bradman over 2 years ago – his family members were drug addicts. I have no problem if he’s got a great website now and turned his life around …. but I do have a problem with him HIDING his identity and those of his “misfits” while asking for “donations”. It’s evil.


  8. Hey Monsieur – I’ve posted on GAB a tiny bit about this. Go back to the 1st FISA – page 25. Carter Page’s letter of September 25, 2016 was USED to get the FISA. THEY KNEW – this is way beyond Clinesmith. Carter said he worked with the FBI and CIA in that letter. I SWEAR I saw a text message from Lisa Page all excited about Carter’s letter, to the effect that they now had the information they needed (to get the FISA). They USED parts of Carter’s letter (I’m sure you have it) about his Gazprom investment, etc. (pgs. 10 and 11 of the 1st FISA). THEY KNEW. I don’t do research, but the info is out there. Everyone ignores this (and me).

    GET EM!!

    Click to access Carter-Page-FISA-Application.pdf


  9. Hi. I’ve stayed quiet for days about this Sundance nonsense (not easy for me – I’m toxic, as Joe91 taught me well). There were TWO (2) FISAs sent to James Wolfe on March 17th. Sundance likes to conveniently IGNORE the 2nd (1st renewal) which HAD MORE PAGES to it. So if Wolfe was texting Ali Watkins the FISA, then why wouldn’t he do the 2nd FISA which was longer, with MORE information? As Joe91 pointed out to me, Wolfe’s indictment said “exchanged” not “sent” 82 texts. Sundance is an idiot. No one listens to me – I’ve pointed this out numerous times – worked with Joe91 (he actually was anti-Trump). Ugh.

    Monsieur, MissMAGA2016 has a “list” of all DOJ U.S. Attorney Offices (she works with Dawson – will love Dawson no matter what, although I think he’s wrong – will still love him). No one READS the actual DOJ cases every day – I do and post them on Gab. SpyGate is NOT the main focus of President Trump and Barr’s agenda – they are doing amazing work. Trust Barr – it will happen in the long run. Sundance doesn’t know shit. It’s so irritating and frustrating. BARR is NOT DEEP STATE SWAMP.

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  10. This information is sadly lacking from our Investigations timeline and would like to include some of it with your permission. We always give full credit to all sources. Our timeline is at clintonfoundationtimeline.com and we are chronicling the dossier investigation. I have a couple of entries on the Dragon FISA but nothing close to what you have discovered. Would love to include it if that’s OK. Thank you for your consideration.


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